Knee Pain
Our Sports Rehabilitators are experts at diagnosing and treating both long term and short term knee pain.

Sports Injuries
Sports Injuries
We specialise in treating a large variety of sports injuries such as running injuries, cycling injuries, tennis injuries and muscle strain.
Back pain
Back pain
We treat a large variety of conditions that cause back pain using a combination of physiotherapy, anti-inflammatories and exercise.
Headaches often stem from neck problems, such as tightness in the neck muscles and poor posture.

Injury Rehabilitation based in Cheadle, Cheshire.

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Here at Impact, we are dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal problems as well as sporting injuries. I have dealt with local football clubs and elite tennis players. Alongside team sports, I also deal with triathletes and even people competing in iron man events, cycling events and tough mudder events. You will find that we take the same dynamic approach with everyone who comes into the clinic whilst offering a professional and friendly service which is directly focused on meeting each and everyones particular needs.

Whether your issue is work related or postural problem, a sports injury or just a painful joint or limb, personalised care as well as a treatment plan will be provided for your recovery. Preventative training advice and rehabilitation exercises will also be given to minimise the risk of recurrence, as there is nothing worse than having that niggle that you just seem to not be able to get rid of. Sometimes some simple strength exercises and postural assessment can help reduce that irritating pain.

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